Tuesday, January 18, 2011

NSTARS: tiny correction for N9 Puppis / 171 G. Puppis

The star N9 Puppis (171 G. Pup) has 171 in the Flamsteed column as well. It's one of those Gould numbers that continually finds its way into references as a Flamsteed designation. I haven't updated the spreadsheet for now until thereare further corrections to be made, but if you're using the spreadsheet, please remove this incorrect Flamsteed designation.

The server logs indicate that the NSTARS update has been very popular. Please do write a comment if you are finding the database useful, or if you have any suggestions or corrections. Being "between versions", I am not actively maintaining it for a while until my other projects have a rest, so I'm relying on you to tell me if anything is amiss.

Future enhancements will probably complete missing data as far as possible (magnitudes, motion and spectra), and perhaps add additional columns for data that is useful and available. Stellar mass? Other suggestions? Also, the database doesn't incorporate the Hipparcos 2 parallaxes, except where alternatives weren't available. The current parallaxes (as provided by the original database) uses weighted averages between the original Hipparcos data, and ground-based measurements. If the best strategy can be identified for updating/combining these, it's another possible new feature. Let me know what you think.

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