Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Extended Bright Star Catalogue

I have uploaded the first of my files for the Extended Bright Star Catalogue, which is currently under development. Comment is welcome for this catalogue, as it is for the Near Star Catalogue and my Nomenclature Recommendations for the IAU.

The first file (of 9) contains 10 constellations surrounding the South Celestial Pole, from Octans to Carina. Note that designations in angled brackets (e.g. ) are obsolete, having being assigned by Lacaille and others before R-Z were reserved for Variable stars. These are not to be used, but are temporary markers only so that it is clear what stars did have designations once. My IAU Recommendations include the addition of new designations, and once these are finalised, these obsolete designations will be removed.

For more information, see Extended Bright Star Catalogue.

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